Ulyanovsk region takes the lead on conservation of nature

Governor of Ulyanovsk region Sergei Morozov requested his team to ensure that one tree is planted for each resident.

"Every year Ulyanovsk region has numerous landscaping events where a large number of trees are planted, but the results are not visible," Sergei Morozov said at a meeting with the Environmental Chamber and chief ecologists of the region. "The reasons are obvious: lack of registry of green spaces, inadequate care, and violation of legal norms, which ultimately leads to a reduction in green areas. We have to ensure strict adherence to the rules of planting trees, their maintenance and protection, as well as registry maintenance. Furthermore, it would be nice to reach a very ambitious goal and plant one tree for each resident."

The decree of the governor of Ulyanovsk region number 271- p "On additional measures to protect green spaces" was adopted in 2012. Since then, the understanding of the issues has improved, and considerable experience has been accumulated. The document will be finalized with consideration of all the opinions of the Environmental Chamber representatives. Spot checks for compliance with the requirements of the decree and other documents on environmental protection will be introduced in municipalities.

Chairman of the Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology Vladimir Kashin told Pravda.Ru: "The initiative of Ulyanovsk region Governor Sergei Morozov is good, albeit not new. For centuries it was believed that every man should plant a tree and father a son, which means that planting a tree was put on par with the continuation of the species. Unfortunately, these conversations are accompanied by mass felling. In most cases the level of replenishment is insufficient. Besides, it is not only about planting trees, it is about planting them properly, competently, and in the right place, and remembering to take care of them. Student teams and green patrol should be involved. The nature should be approached in its entirety, and all nuances and situations have to be considered. We need to work in different areas, from funds allocation to education. We strongly support the approach chosen by Ulyanovsk region. This has to be done. The task of conservation and enhancement of natural resources is becoming acute."

In 2013, over 130,000 trees and shrubs were planted in Ulyanovsk region. Soon all green areas will be registered. The environmental agency and prosecutors will conduct raids to identify violators of environmental laws.

"Their work on nature conservation in the region is commendable. It is rare when officials take the initiative and approach environmental organizations. Unfortunately, often it is done for show. At some events it is unclear why we were invited. I have not worked much with Ulyanovsk region, but they have invited me several times, involved me in their work," said in an interview with Pravda.Ru Director of WWF Russia, environmentalist Evgeniy Schwartz. "I think they really care about nature and are doing real work, not for show. Of course, some credit goes to Governor Sergei Morozov. Much depends on organization of work and personnel. Former head of environmental services of Ulyanovsk Andrei Saltykov was elected President of the Russian Bird Conservation Union. Former Minister of Forestry of Ulyanovsk region, a competent, intelligent person Dmitry Fyodorov now serves as an assistant governor, he cares about his work. All other officials are rather energetic. It seems to me that when problems arise, they are clearly trying to solve them. I feel that these people work not because of their titles, but really enjoy what they are doing and care about nature."

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