“We Were Saved From Inevitable Death”

Olga Chernyak, a journalist from the Russian news agency Interfax who was among the hostages held by the terrorists in the theatre within the past three days, says that all hostages would die if the building wasn’t stormed. Olga is currently in the hospital.

“We were all waiting for death, as we understood perfectly well that the terrorists wouldn’t set us free. We were sure they wouldn’t release us even if their every claim was allowed. The terrorists, especially the women, told openly: “We came here to die, we all want to go to Allah and you will follow us as well.”

According to the Interfax employee, the terrorists started killing hostages Saturday early. “We all witnessed a woman and a man were executed. The man was shot at the eye, there was much blood. I was sitting in the stalls in the center of the hall. This was going on right by my side. I actually thought at that moment that we would be all killed as well. Then something occurred, I lost my conscience and recovered only in the reanimation ward. Probably that was the effect of some special gas. I am sure that we were rescued from inevitable death.”

It was Interfax journalist Olga Chernyak who reported about the hostage taking in the theatre on October 23; she was constantly sending SMS-messages until the cell phone completely discharged.

Olga is currently in a Moscow hospital. Interfax together with law enforcement authorities keep on searching Olga’s husband who was also among the hostages in the theatre.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

Read the original in Russian: https://www.pravda.ru/accidents/10051-operacija/

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