Astrakhan Acting Mayor Irina Egorova tells students of Russian Constitution


Lessons of knowledge, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, are held these days in schools throughout the city of Astrakhan. The main purpose of the lessons is to educate the younger generation about fundamental provisions of the basic law of our country and tell its history to young men and women, who, already in the very near future, will be able to start looking into vital problems to preserve values ​​of the Russian state and guarantee rights and freedoms of citizens.

In honor of celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution, students meet members of legislative bodies and local authorities in many subjects of the Russian Federation. However, in Astrakhan, it was a representative of executive, rather than legislative power, that told students about the basic law of the country.  

One of the lessons on the Constitution of the Russian Federation was personally conducted by Acting Mayor of Astrakhan, Irina Egorova. The audience consisted of 11-grade students of City Gymnasium №4.

Being a professional lawyer, who worked in the prosecutor's office for many years, Irina Egorova was quite confident in the topic. She decided to step aside from a traditional lecture. The class was held in the form of an open dialogue, which turned into a fascinating discussion of topics related to the basic law of the Russian Federation. Irina Egorova told students many interesting facts and shared her personal observations.

"We live in a state of law, where law is above all. This is my credo. I would like you all to be law-abiding citizens, who would be proud of their state, so that we would be building ​​life in our country together, making it comfortable and decent in our city," said Irina Egorova.

Acting Mayor and eleventh-graders discussed such a complex question as the separation of powers between various branches of power in Russia: legislative, executive and judicial. The students also wondered whether Irina Egorova voted for the adoption of the constitution.

"Yes, of course, I did. I then worked as an investigator, and I went to vote for the main law of the country straight from the scene," the acting mayor said.

The students were lucky to have such a lecturer; they will obviously remember the lesson for a long time.

"I really enjoyed the class! It was especially interesting for us to know the opinion of someone, who works in the field and knows everything in practice, not in theory," Anastasia Goyeva, a student said.

To celebrate the upcoming public holiday, Astrakhan will hold other activities. In particular, the city hall acts as the organizer of a roundtable for public activists, at which the subject of the basic law of the Russian Federation will be touched upon as well. 


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