Russian Law-Enforcement Bodies Conduct Special Operations in Chechnya

Chechen terrorists tried to seize a passenger bus

Law-enforcement bodies detained scores of people who were involved in the act of terrorism in Moscow. This was reported by Russian Internal Affairs Minister Boris Gryzlov. The minister stressed that law-enforcement bodies are currently conducting unexampled actions in order to find and seize Chechen terrorists.

Special operations are currently taking place all over Russia. Needless to mention that the republic of Chechnya is receiving the majority of attention in this respect. An armed Chechen national was arrested in the Chechen capital of Grozny yesterday. Weapons and detailed maps of Moscow and of the Moscow region were found. Currently, the police are investigating if the detained man is connected with Movsar Barayev’s gang (Barayev was the leader of the gang that took hundreds of hostages in Moscow). Another Chechen man was detained in Moscow the day before. A detailed plan of the Moscow Kursky railway station was found on him.

More arrests are expected within the scope of the current special operation in Chechnya. A forty-eight-year-old Grozny resident was nabbed on Monday morning. Nikolay Kostyuchenko, Prosecutor of the Chechen republic, said that the man was holding a machine gun in his hands. “According to the information that we have, this man has been waging tguerrilla warfare with other gunmen. We found the maps of the central region of Russia with him, as well as a film. We suspect that he was linked with Movsar Barayev’s terrorists. We are currently investigating. We are determining all people he has recently contacted,” said the prosecutor.

It has been reported from Chechnya today that a passenger bus was attacked by gunmen in the city of Grozny. Several people were injured. Sources from the Internal Affairs department of the Chechen republic reported on Tuesday that a group of armed men wearing camouflage uniforms stopped the passenger bus and attempted to seize it. The bandits opened fire on the bus. Driver Mayrbek Sibayev and passenger Aldy Yusunov were wounded, according to a source. As it was reported that the bandits were driving a VAZ-2109 car. The criminals were not caught, despite special operation “Interception.” An investigation has been started and the guerrillas are being sought after.

Furthermore, a source from the Grozny administration informed that a group of strangers stole three railway tanks. The 60 ton capacity tanks were stolen from the territory of the federal petrochemical enterprise Chechenneftekhimprom in Grozny. The investigation has not determined yet how the criminals managed to take away such large cargo avoiding the attention of the law-enforcement bodies. It was also reported that about 300 police officers (in addition to the usual number of them) were controlling the roads of Grozny. Equipment for an electricity substation that was being built in the same area of the city was stolen too. The loss is evaluated to be three million rubles.

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