Teenage Murderers Terrorize Volgograd

A 16-year-old boy kills four people and feels not an ounce of guilt.

A sixteen-year-old boy was arrested in the Russian city of Volgograd the other day. The young man is accused of murdering four innocent people: a girl, a young man, an elderly lady, and a 12-year-old boy.

Roman Sorokin lives in the Red Army district of the city. His neighbors and friends all said that Roman Sorokin was a bit of a crazy guy. They said that he could start beating someone who never did him any wrong. This someone could be his pal, or just a passer-by. However, Roman Sorokin’s relatives do not agree. They say that Roman is a good and obedient boy.

His first victim was a young girl. He never met her before. He was killing her for several hours, beating the girl up in a house, outside in the street, and then in a park. When he was tired and satisfied, Roman Sorokin threw her down a sewer hole.

In May, Roman Sorokin got drunk and attacked an elderly lady. He saw his victim late at night not far from a row of garages. The bastard ambushed the old lady with an iron rod and started beating her furiously. When the woman fell down on the ground, he ran back home and soon returned with an ax to finish the old timer off.

Sorokin showed up at the scene of his crime after someone found the body and called the police. Neighbors say that Sorokin expressed his discontent regarding the mess in the street and the bad work of the police.

His third victim was a pal named Bazarov. Sorokin killed him brutally over a debt of ten rubles (thirty cents). It is impossible to describe this murder, because it was absolutely insane. We will say that Sorokin buried Bazarov while still alive.

The last victim of the maniac guy was a 12-year-old boy. No one knows what that little boy did to Roman Sorokin. He dragged the boy into some bushes and started beating him. He even cut the boy with a knife. Then he felt sorry for him and even started to take him home. However, he soon changed his mind, dragged the boy into the bushes, and killed him with a broken bottle. Then, he placed a burning tire around the dead boy’s head.

The boy’s parents sounded the alarm in the evening. One of their neighbors recalled that Sorokin dragged the little boy in the bushes. The police found the dead body there. Roman Sorokin was arrested within an hour.

At present, the bastard is being kept in the Volgograd detention center. According to witnesses, he feels no remorse for what he has done. He is simply waiting for the probe to be over. As a matter of fact, he has nothing to be afraid of. The maximum punishment a person of his age can receive is ten years in jail. This punishment might be applied only if Roman Sorokin is considered to be of sound mind. If not, then he will be given psychological treatment.

Another juvenile murderer is walking around the town of Volzhsky, which is not far from Volgograd. This boy is under 14 years of age.

Roman Sorokin’s parents are still alive. Their custodial rights have not been taken away. Criminal responsibility starts in Russia from the age of 14. It has recently became known that another 15-year-old criminal was nabbed in the town of Volzhsky. The teenager cut his victim with a knife (a 42-year-old lady) and coldly watched as the woman bled to death. The police seized the bastard at the site of the crime. He admitted his guilt.

Andrey Cherkasov PRAVDA.Ru Volgograd

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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