Nord Ost Musical Calls it Quits

The general producer of the musical said that they were broke

“On the one hand, the Nord Ost musical became a symbol of Russia. On the other hand, there is no more Nord Ost anymore. We are broke. We have no help from the state, and our sponsors will not come back to us.” This was said by Georgy Vasilyev, the general producer of the project, one of the authors of the Nord Ost musical.

Vasilyev pointed out that the production team had a lot of debt. “We have thousands of tickets sold for future shows that we will be unable to stage,” said the general producer of the music show.

“We could restore the building, paint the walls, and change the furniture and window panes; however, the Nord Ost musical does not exist anymore.” “We should let our artists and musicians go. The musicians will never descend to the orchestra pit, because the terrorists made a toilet of it,” – said Georgy Vasilyev.

The last show of this musical was stopped on October 23 at the beginning of the second act. This happened when the terrorists rushed on the stage of the Moscow music theatre, fired their guns in the air, and said that all the spectators were their hostages. Georgy Vasilyev was one of the hostages himself. He was released with all the other people on Saturday morning. Vasilyev’s co-author, Aleksey Ivashchenko, managed to escape from the seized building on Wednesday with a group of artists. The people jumped out of the window of a make-up room.

One of the female hostages said: “Nord Ost producer Vasiliyev was sitting next to me. He was not desperate at all. He was joking and telling funny stories to us. Some girls told him that they would like to see the musical up until the end of it. He seriously answered them that they would allow all hostages to go to see the show every night if they wished so.”

People are discussing the future of the musical already. These discussions are taking place on online forums as well. Someone suggested to sell memorial tickets for the show and attempt to bring the musical back on stage with the help of the money raised. This idea is a naive one. Everyone understands that there is a lot of money needed for that. On the other hand, there are some people who wish to buy such tickets already.

One poster wrote: “What if we buy the tickets for the musical now, but we go to see it only when it becomes possible? I would buy tickets for myself, for my family, and for my friends. I am ready to do everything I can.”

Nord Ost will continue to live in our people’s hearts and on stage. Elena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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