USA's spy server located in US Embassy in Moscow?

Retired Major-General of the Federal Security Service, Evgeny Lobachyov, shared his opinion with Pravda.Ru on the news story that said that a spy server of U.S. intelligence services was located in Moscow.

"Media report that it was Edward Snowden, who unveiled the information. Do you think it could be true?"

"I doubt that it was Snowden. I am nearly certain that one of the servers is indeed located in the American Embassy, ​​and here's why. In the early 1990, Vadim Bakatin served as the chairman of the Committee of State Security of the USSR for a very short time - from August to October 1991. I am trying to pick a term for this man - a scoundrel, actually, I would say."

"When new buildings of the U.S. embassy were being built, ​​so-called bookmarks were made, during the construction. It was a know-how. These tapping systems are stacked in building construction as bricks, and one of those bricks is the source of information. It was almost impossible to find it. Imagine there is a brick house, and each of the bricks in that house needs to be checked - this is unreal.

And we, if it hadn't been for that scoundrel, we would have had the whole situation under control, without getting into America's internal or external affairs."

"How high is the probability that the server is located in the U.S. Embassy in the Russian Federation?"

"Now I find it difficult to say anything after the buildings were demolished and rebuilt by the Americans. But it is quite possible that several of these servers were located there.

"There are two reasons. First, it is much more convenient to work in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Secondly, it is easier to conceal the server here in Moscow. Nowadays it is possible to trace any server and its location in space, time, etc. If it is located here, on our territory, there were suspicions, but no one dared to give an exact answer. And now there is Snowden, so if he said that then everyone must look for it. The server can be on our territory, I am 90 percent sure of that."


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