Gay activists lay condoms to eternal flame in Russia

All Russia has recently celebrated the Victory Day and remembered millions of people, who gave their lives for millions of those, who live today. If it was not for those, who fought in the war against fascism - we would not be here.

During the times of the Soviet Union, it was decided to light eternal flames across the nation in honor of those, who were killed during the war. 

Over the weekend, gay activists laid condoms to the eternal flame in the city of Togliatti. Near the monument to the heroes of their land, they installed photographs of famous people, who died of AIDS. Near the eternal flame, the participants of the action put a bowl of condoms.

Can a normal person draw any parallels between the eternal flame, fallen heroes and a bowl of condoms?

Should we be tolerant to those, who put a bowl of condoms next to those, who symbolize the memory of our dead grandfathers and great-grandfathers? Can we put those, who died defending our lives, next to those, who died from their promiscuity? Such a comparison would mean that Russia is dead, and the people, who live in this Russia, live in the dead country that trampled on the memory of those, who wanted this country to live forever.


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Author`s name Editorial Team