Dash cam video of real Russia and its real people explodes Internet

The video that you are about to see has collected nearly four million views in four days. It shows real Russia and real Russians, which became a revelation to many foreigners worldwide.

The video does not show Russians as alcoholics, drug addicts, or subhuman creatures that are no pleasant to dominate over. The video shows Russians as they are. Many people living all over the globe could hardly hold back their tears while watching the video. Here are just a few examples of what people wrote in comments:

- im from china. im a man, but i cried. i dont know why i cant see this in my country. maybe my country can catch up with France, Russia, USA, in several decades, maybe we can solve the problem of environment in long term, but i dont know whether i can see this in my country during my life. 

- I cried like a baby

- We love you RUSSIA

- I'm from Brazil. I have a driver's license for 15 years and never witnessed people helping each other like in the video on our roads. Something is very wrong with our people.