Tourists flock to Kamchatka to see Plosky Tolbachik eruption

Plosky Tolbachik volcano erupts in Russia's Kamchatka. The eruption began on November 27. ​​Experts recorded a large concentration of sulfur dioxide in the area of the eruption. There is fine ash in the air, which may cause severe respiratory ailments. Specialists recommend not to visit the area of ​​the eruption.

The measures to ensure people's safety due to the volcanic eruption were discussed at a meeting of the emergency committee of Kamchatka, chaired by Vice-Governor Alexander Potievsky. A lot of people travel to the area of the volcanic eruption to see and photograph the beautiful natural phenomenon. In the meantime, staying in the area of ​​the volcano, near lava flows, the temperature on the surface of which even far away from the volcano is 120 degrees Centigrade, can be extremely dangerous.

The emergency committee recommended everyone to refrain from visiting the area. Travel agencies were offered to cancel group tours to Plosky Tolbachik for the time of the eruption.

As Alexander Potievsky noted, the volcano presents no danger for the people of nearby settlements. "However, we must be prepared to react quickly in case of an emergency situation. We must be prepared for possible violations in traffic if the lava reaches the roads," the first deputy governor of Kamchatka said.

Alexander Potievsky instructed relevant ministries and departments to inform the population about the dangers of being in the area of ​​the volcano, check the availability of respiratory protection of the settlements located in the path of the ash plumes and clouds. "Rescuers and medical services should be prepared to provide emergency medical care in the event any extreme tourist visiting the region gets thermal burns or poisoning," he said.



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