Russia does not need revolutions, most Russians think

Russia's Public Opinion Research Center unveiled the results of a new research. Researchers tried to find out the attitude of the Russians to the October Revolution and how they treat revolutions in general.

Most Russians believe that a revolution in today's Russia can not be allowed (78%). To the greatest extent this view is shared by those who see any revolution as a tragic event (89%), by United Russia supporters (85%) and non-parliamentary parties (86%), as well as by those who approve of the president (85%).

Only 13% of the polled believe that Russia needs a revolution. This point of view is common for those who see a coup as a chance to upgrade the society (31%), the supporters of the Liberal Democratic Party (32%) and the Communist Party (27%), as well as by the respondents who criticize the activities of the head of state (27%).

Remarkably, evaluating revolution as a historical phenomenon, the Russians share different opinions.  Forty percent believe it is an inevitable phenomenon that has its pros and cons, and another 37% believe that a revolution can not be justified. Only 15% of the respondents accept this historical phenomenon positively, especially LDPR (23%) and the Communist Party (26%) supporters. The number of respondents, who treat revolution positively, has increased over the past seven years (from 10 to 15%).

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