USA Suspected of Being Behind Moscow Hostage Crisis

Natalia Vitrenko claims that the USA needed the hostage crisis in Moscow

The leader of the Progressive Social Party of Ukraine, Natalia Vitrenko, stated at one of her press conferences that the USA might have been behind the act of terrorism in the Moscow music theater.

The major Ukrainian figure of progressive socialism believes that the USA needed the act of terrorism to take place in Russia. Natalia Vitrenko believes that a statement that was released by the American president, proved it. George Bush said that the Americans want to launch military action against Iraq get Russia involved in the so-called anti-Iraqi coalition. Vitrenko also added that the Americans did not manage to realize their plans.

Natalia Vitrenko did not answer the question if she had better facts to prove the USA’s connection with the act of terrorism in Moscow. She just said that a politician was supposed to analyze the reasons that caused a certain event. Therefore, one should assume that America’s connection to the terrorist act in Moscow is the result of Natalia Vitrenko’s deep analysis.

She said that the operation of the Russian special services was successful. Vitrenko also stressed that the Ukrainian embassy in the Russian Federation did a great job helping the hostages with Ukrainian citizenship.

As far as the USA is concerned, Natalia Vitrenko accused the United States of trying to create a New World Order. She added that the arms deal allegations against Ukraine (the USA suspects Ukraine of selling radar systems to Iraq) were very similar to American threats against North Korea. She said that all these allegations are linked to America’s desire to take over Iraq.

“They are all the links of one chain,” Vitrenko said. Her political companion, Vladimir Marchenko, believes that Ukraine should not make any excuses for selling any arms to Iraq: “If the USA thinks that Ukraine really did it, then it is the USA that must prove it, according to the usual legal practice,” Marchenko claimed.

A group of American and British experts delayed their conclusion regarding the Ukrainian arms sales problem. Vladimir Marchenko believed that it was connected with the US Senate and Congress elections. As Marchenko believes, “America will act depending on the outcome of the elections.”

The conclusion of the British and American expert group regarding the sale of several radar systems to Iraq was delayed for an indefinite period of time. As was reported, US Ambassador to Ukraine Carlos Pascual tried to hand over the conclusion of the expert group to Ukraine. However, the date has been delayed, and the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry was not given any explanation.

The ForUm website informed with reference to the press service of the American embassy that the conclusions of the American and British committee had been handed over to Ukraine just a couple of days ago (on November 5th). The conclusion has not been released to the public, but the report is reportedly far from being pleasant for the Ukrainian leadership. Andrey Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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