Factory to produce innovative composite materials opens in Yakutia

The factory of innovative composite materials based on continuous basalt fiber opened in Pokrovsk, the administrative center of the Khangalassky district of ​​Yakutia. In accordance with "Basalt - New Technologies" project, the factory will produce four types of products using nanotechnologies.

It goes about basalt-concrete constructions for industrial and civil construction, basalt-plastic building bars and the mesh for reinforcement of roadway. The continuous basalt fiber will also be produced: the fiber is the feedstock for the production of many composite materials. Common rocks of magmatic origin are used as the main raw material for basalt fiber.

Composite products based on basalt possess high corrosion and chemical resistance. They retain their strength at low temperatures and hold heat very well. This makes them indispensable in road and housing construction in the Far North, under permafrost conditions, where conventional materials can not withstand extreme seasonal changes in temperature, reaching 100 degrees in Yakutia.

The Innovative technologies that are used at the new factory were developed together with experts of RUSNANO. According to company director Yegor Zhirkov, the products on the basis of continuous basalt fiber can be used in the automotive, oil and gas industry, agriculture and many other industries. For Yakutia, it is most important to obtain the materials needed for construction. This will greatly reduce the cost of purchase and delivery of expensive steel reinforcement bars, reinforced concrete and other building materials that are delivered from outside the republic.

The project will create more than 260 additional jobs in the Khangalassky region of the republic. Yearly tax revenues from the new production in the budget of Yakutia are expected to amount to 430 million rubles.


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