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Russian government to control our movements

Last week, state powers whose task is to protect society under emercency conditions met. The status of public media is being rewritten, and recommendations for the mass media are appearing, explaining to the media how to cover anti-terrorist operations. In general, everybody will know what to do, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The ministry is to take special measures to guarantee stiff resistance to terrorism. This was reported by the had of the ministry, Boris Gryzlov.

These weekend, Moscow police will intensify their work. “Bandits try to terrorize Russian citizens all over the country, - Boris Gryzlov stated. – We now have a period of time when common Russians are called to protect their motherland.”

The essence of the minister said is this: the state cannot guarantee our protection, and this is a fact that is hard to call in question. However, the authorities cannot admit this, and they probably do not want to admit it. In his time, US President George Bush officially said that the American government is unable to protect its citizens, taking into account the character of the threat the US has to face (international terrorism). US citizens understood that their state cannot protect them, so what hinders us from admitting this as well? According to Echo Moskvy radio, at the moment, the Federation Council is working on a law that will allow the state to regulate the movement of people within Russia. This was stated by Sergei Mironov. According to him, this new law is necessary because of the recent act of terrorism in Moscow. This new law, Mironov said, will control the movement of both Russians and Foreigners, as well as the work of the mass media.

Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

Photograph: Boris Gryzlov

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