Russian president's cat disappears because 'enough is enough'


Dorofey, a family pet of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, escaped from the presidential residence on the outskirts of Moscow today.

The only pet of Dmitry Medvedev's family, Dorofey, is a rare feline. Police started searching for Dorofey immediately after a Russian newspaper broke the "news" on Wednesday morning.

Dorofey is an expensive Neva Masquerade feline. Prices for this breed start from $1,000.

The news stirred quite a hype on the Russian Internet. Many Russian bloggers posted countless messages saying that the cat had escaped because "enough is enough" and was now heading for Holland.

A Facebook account created under Cat Dorofey's name insists that the cat has no intention to return, even despite the increased pressure, "I am gone. Do not look for me," Russia Today said.

The news became the most discussed news story of the day in Russia, and even the President himself had to step in. "It was said from the sources close to Dorofey that he had not disappeared anywhere. Thank you all for your worries," Medvedev tweeted. 


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