International IT forum to take place in Nizhny Novgorod

The 5th International Forum of Information Technologies will begin its work in Nizhny Novgorod on April 18. The event is organized by the Government of the Nizhny Novgorod region, as it was during the previous years.

This year the topic of the Forum will be "ITFORUM 2020/Informatization of Our Lives," which is intended to cover all areas of informatization of modern life.

The exposition of the Forum is styled as an informational "city". The "city" has a number of "buildings" in which companies will present their solutions in the following areas: e-government, e-life, e-education, medicine and culture, as well as e-business.

The Forum traditionally provides the Congress part. It will consist of three theme days, revealing the aspects of informatization of the basic fields of our lives.

April 18th, the "E-state Day" will present the following topics:

- Multi-functional centers of public and municipal services: the scope and effectiveness;

- Inter-agency and inter-layer interaction in the provision of public and municipal services in the Nizhny Novgorod region: on March 1 and July 1 - Results and readiness;

- The implementation of 210-Federal Law: timing and achievement;

- Universal e-card: the pros and cons;

- Federal and regional portals, government and municipal services are simplicity and accessibility.

April 19th will be organized as the Day "Informational Society". The topics of its activities include:

- A program of modernization of Health 2011-2012.;

- School of the future in the present: the eternal values ​​and digital technologies;

- Kindergarten: first steps in computerization;

- University: young minds - new ideas - new opportunities;

- Internet and archives, museums and libraries are to the art of a "click!";

- "Safe City": fewer violations - more than life!;

- "E-life" - the present or the future?;

- Electronic media - access to information

April 20 - "E-Business Day."

Topics of activities:

- Infrastructure: information and communications technology in the service business;

- Information systems at different levels and in all industries;

- Information and innovation: personal contribution and collaboration;

- Geoinformation, engineering, architecture: information technology and specialized software.

Registration for the Forum is now open on the site 


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