Vladislav Surkov: 'Nation's Well-Being Depends on Technologies'

Vladislav Surkov, the first deputy chairman of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, said that the introduction of innovative technologies in Russia must guarantee the nation’s well-being.

“The well-being of a nation depends on technologies. Payment for more qualified work is higher, and all nations in the world play different roles. We must try to take the place of supervisors,” Mr. Surkov said at the meeting with young scientists discussing the innovative center project in the town of Skolkovo.

The official offered young people to set forth their suggestions regarding the establishment of the center – from their salary expectations to the appearance of the center. Vladislav Surkov believes that the scientific community will be able to arrange public control over the construction.

Vladislav Surkov also said that the project stipulates the establishment of the laboratory complex outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and a possible opening of subsidiaries of universities, as well as scientific and technological centers of companies.

Foreign specialists will be attracted to the project too. The first deputy chairman of the presidential administration said that the innovative center must be cosmopolitan and have international atmosphere.

“No one will be surprised in five or ten years that Nobel Prize winners will be working in Russia. As soon as first two or three people come, we will not disappoint them, and the process will continue further on,” Vladislav Surkov said.

The official reminded that no one believed in the beginning of the 1990s that private Russian companies would be able to hire at least a highly-qualified foreign accountant. Dozens of outstanding managers from the West were working in Russia already in the middle of the 1990s.

Vladislav Surkov said during the meeting that the decision about the construction of the complex had been made. The legal documents are to be ready in spring. The funds for front-end engineering have already been assigned.

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