Congress passes bill showing extreme support of Israel

The U.S. congress followed it's conterpart the senate, and passed an even more extreme bill supporting Israel. The bill blames Yasser Arafat, chairmen of the Palestinian Authority, for failing to the hold up his agreements for terror, and for actively pursuing terror. It mentions that Israel has suffered, with regards to relative size, 9,000 victims to terror (compared to the size of the U.S.), much more than America has suffered in the september 11ths attacks. The Bill, pushed by congressman tom delay, won an amazing majority - over 350 for, and less than 25 against. The bill concludes: Resolved, That the House of Representatives-- (1) stands in solidarity with Israel as it takes necessary steps to provide security to its people by dismantling the terrorist infrastructure in the Palestinian areas; (2) remains committed to Israel's right to self-defense and supports additional United States assistance to help Israel defend itself; (3) condemns the recent wave of Palestinian suicide bombings; (4) condemns the ongoing support and coordination of terror by Yasir Arafat and other members of the Palestinian leadership; (5) demands that the Palestinian Authority at last fulfill its commitment to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure in the Palestinian areas, including any such infrastructure associated with PLO and Palestinian Authority entities tied directly to Yasir Arafat ; (6) is gravely concerned that Arafat's actions are not those of a viable partner for peace; (7) urges all Arab states to declare their unqualified opposition to all forms of terrorism, particularly suicide bombing; (8) commends the President for his leadership in addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, particularly the efforts of the Administration to engage countries throughout the region to condemn and prevent terrorism and to prevent a widening of the conflict; and (9) urges all parties in the region to pursue vigorously efforts to establish a just, lasting, and comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

Gil Eyal specially for PRAVDA.Ru

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