Gil Eyal: Does Israel Holds 400 Hydrogen Bombs?

Recent publications in Israel suggest that it's thermonuclear arsenal is far larger and more intimidating than previously thought of or known. According to this publications, Israel posesses 400 Hydrogen Bombs at it's disposal. Hydrogen bombs are currently the most fearsome and intimidating weapon on earth, causing over 60000 times the damage of a nuclear bomb like the one used on Nagasaki. The Hydrogen bomb is so intimidating that most nations vow never to produce it, though it is really not much harder than producing regular nukes. For this reason it is unclear whether Israel actually posseses these weapons, or are the publications just well timed articles, sending an intimidating message to possible future nemesis, such as Saddam Hussein. If the Israelis really have them, they would probably be used as a last second resort, and only if Israel's bare survival was at stake.

Gil Eyal specially for PRAVDA.Ru

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