I don't understand

By Naomi Ragen March

I don't understand why people are still listening to Shimon Peres. Everything he has said, every idea he has had, has turned out to be a complete disastrous mistake. Why is this man still talking? But most importantly, why are we still listening? I don't understand why people say there is no military solution. When people are using arms to murder you, the only solution, other than dying, is a military solution. It's called a war. The people that make it impossible for the other side to kill them and their children are called the victors. There isn't any way out of this. If people are throwing bad words at you, you can sit down and talk to them, try to convince them you are right, try to compromise. But when they are throwing grenades, that's a military problem, which only has a military solution. I don't understand why people say: "There is no solution. There doesn't seem to be anyone on the other side to talk to." Hello? Who says you have to talk? Who says that talking always leads to solutions? Remember Hitler? Remember Chamberlain? Remember all the talking that went on before Hitler invaded Poland? When there is no one to talk to on the other side and they are invading you and trying to kill you, that doesn't mean there is no solution. It means you need to wipe out the other side, or hurt them enough to convince them to accept your solution. I don't understand why people keep saying they don't want to let our soldiers fight because things will just get worse. No. If our soldiers are allowed to fight, things will just get better. I don't understand Jewish idiots who have targeted Arab schoolchildren in some moronic revenge attack. We don't want, or need, revenge. We need security. Revenge that has no security goal is not only evil, it's a stupid waste of time and energy. I don't want them to die. I want us to live. If the former isn't connected to the latter, there's no point. I don't understand Jews who are still reading Michael Lerner's Tikkun Magazine of Jewish self-hatred. The man has been actively supporting Arab terror sympathizers and maligning the Jewish homeland for the entire existence of his dismal little rag. Any Jew who subscribes, who invites this person to air his sickening agenda at his organization, synagogue, or community center might as well send his money directly to Yasser and cut out the Yiddel in the middle. I don't understand Ariel Sharon who knows what he has to do, but instead prefers to flatten empty buildings. Mr. Sharon, fight, or retire and let those who have the heart to do what must be done take over. Arrest Yasser and put him on trial, nullify Oslo, retake the West Bank and Gaza, jail the inciters, deport the terrorists. Stop posturing, and put an end to the grave digging for Israeli children. The people are not strong. The people are fed up.

Naomi Ragen an Israeli author, just published a new novel entitled "Chains Around the Grass."


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