Russia to use Buk and Pantsir air defense systems to shoot down Israeli aircraft

Russia will use Buk and Pantsir air defense systems against Israeli Air Force aircraft.

Analysts say that Russian officials have repeatedly declared that Israeli aviation poses a threat to the Russian military in Syria.

According to British publication Rai Al Youm, Russia may use its complexes to cover the Syrian sky from Israeli air raids. Experts of the publication note that Israel, while striking Iranian groups in Syria, endangers the Russian military.

Russia will not allow Israel or anyone else to ruin everything that she has achieved in Syria, the publication concluded. 

The Russian Federation has repeatedly warned Israel of the threat that Israeli air raids pose to the Russian forces stationed in Syria. However, Tel Aviv continues conducting sorties. According to Rai Al Youm, Moscow has already supplied Buk-M2 and Pantsir-S anti-aircraft systems to Syria, the British publication says, adding that the Russian military have most likely received permission to shoot down Israeli missiles and aircraft should they violate Syrian airspace.

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