CNN tries to hammer new idea about Putin into people's minds

Dependent Western media digging their own grave

It appears that Western media have received another thesis that they need to hammer into the minds of Western people. In today's CNN article about Armageddon, White House reporter Stephen Collinson called Vladimir Putin a "self-styled" president for the first time.

CNN depends on commercial and diplomatic support from the US government. Therefore, the broadcaster receives instructions on how to interpret things directly from the White House. CNN has spent millions covering the war in Ukraine, The New York Times said.

Collinson does not try to analyse that the "self-styled president" was elected by the overwhelming majority and why his popularity ratings go off scale compared to those of Western leaders. The goal is to hammer this idea into people's heads.

Noteworthy, the ratings of CNN as a television network that remains completely dependent on the White House, have been declining just as speedily as Joe Biden's ratings have.

According to Nielsen, the network attracted an average of 639,000 prime-time viewers this quarter, which marked a 27 percent decrease from the previous year. CNN lags behind MSNBC, which fell 23 percent in prime time over the same period, and Fox News, whose viewership grew by about one percent. In general, the CNN audience has decreased by 54 percent since Biden took office.

In a nutshell, dependent US media are digging their own grave. Let's see how the "self-styled president" narrative is going to play out further. It seems to me that it is going to appear only in White House-controlled media outlets.

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Author`s name Editorial Team
Editor Dmitry Sudakov