The National Interest: Putin forces the US to recognize the new world order

USA can still crush Russia, but it can also save the world from chaos

The United States has been losing its global hegemony. The non-western world is opposed to the concept of global hegemony. Everything will happen within the next decade, Western analysts predict.

Nevertheless, the Americans still have a chance to achieve the world order that suits them, if they make certain concessions, Jorgen Erstroem Moeller, former State Secretary of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote in an article for The National Interest.

Moeller drew attention to Vladimir Putin's announcement of partial call-up of reservists, the referenda and saw a threat of the use of nuclear force. The situation is indeed very alarming, but the United States could now take the world out of chaos that was created by Russia and the United States. At the same time, chances for Washington to demonstrate common sense are slim as the US has contributed greatly to the current crisis as well. 

The West has only two options:

  • strengthen America's role as the undisputed leader by empowering the Americans to lead the world towards a model that reflects their values;
  • realize that the world has changed, and the US is not the only power that creates the rules of the game for others. 

Washington has taken on the first option, but it does not mean that both the USA and the rest of the world will benefit from it. 

During the recent summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with Vladimir Putin. In general, none of them condemned the special operation in Ukraine. The statements that the leaders made on this subject during the SCO summit were vague and obscure.

"This may be difficult for U.S. policymakers to accept but the alternative is that the war risks turning into something much worse. The United States should come to terms with the fact that mending the global system is long overdue; in many ways, it still reflects how the world looked seventy years ago when it was designed by the United States and Great Britain. The rest of the world has come to the conclusion that now is the time for them to have more influence in the decision-making process and reflect their interests," the article says.

If the United States still crushes the Russian Federation now, then it will remain the hegemon for a while. Afterwards, it is Emerging Markets and Developing Economies (EMDE) that will take over. The United States does not have much time to make a decision. It is either the reconstruction of the global system, or a stubborn struggle for the interests of America and Europe with the risk to destroy the whole world. There is no third option here, Jorgen Erstroem Moeller concluded.

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Editor Dmitry Sudakov