What is Trump thinking?!

Will US implode from within now?

A reader wrote:

On Wednesday, January 6, Republican supporters tried to prevail outgoing president wish to remain in the White House by hook or crook has exposed the democratic norms of mighty America. The majority that has elected Joe Biden as next president of United States are watching and repenting why they tollerated such an unscrupulous man. Acts of his Vice President Pence have also open the eyes of people that he is acting more loyal than the king and supporting Trump desire to perpetuate in power even after his defeat shows the early signs that the process of US imploding from within has been ignited.

Vice President and a handful of Republicans are adding fuel to fire and claiming the popular votes and electoral votes have been stolen by misleading the innocent simple voters by giving wrong information. We in the third world feel sorry for poor US voters now working on the same recipe of crippling normal working of state apparatus by street demonstration and sit-ins as CIA operatives use to spread in other countries not following on their dotted lines.

Arab Spring and Al-Alola declaration are latest examples of this dirty agenda that was always ligitimaised by US second fiddler UN that was always ready to give legal cover by passing resolution in favour of US unlawful actions. How people in US tollerated this nonsense since 3 November and if allowed to go further in next two weeks to subvert the Constitution and throw away the people's will expressed in favour of Joe Bidden will prove disastrous.

As we know nearly a dozen of states have resolutions of seceeding from United States already passed and lying in archives of respective states, unless the rule of law is enforced immediately and the White House is cleared. Cases of murder should be registered against Donald Trump for inciting people for this outrage. Clouds have started gathering above the super power to turn it to a third world country.

Ali Ashraf Khan

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