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What’s happening in New Jersey? It is not as complex as the TV news would have you think…

Incumbent Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli has been embattled by ethics problems. So much so that he was officially censured by the US Senate, notably not only because of the infrequency that censuring takes place, but also because the Democratically controlled Senate was very friendly to Mr. Torricelli as he was the top fund raiser in the party. So great were his ethics woes that a previously unknown republican opponent, Doug Forrester, began to lead him in the polls.

A once untouchable Democratic incumbent was going to be felled to a “no name” leaving the majority in the Senate up for grabs. A worried Dem leadership yanked him from the ticket hoping to replace Mr. Torricelli with a candidate who was more likely to beat the come-from-behind challenger. Regardless of the fact that state law mandates that no candidate can be replaced on the ballot less that 51 days before an election, shaken Democrats scrambled to replace Mr. Torricelli on the ballot with a popular former senator, Frank Lautenberg.

The New Jersey Supreme Court agreed to hear the case today to see if the Democrats can indeed change the rules of the game while the game is in progress. This is exactly what the Democrats attempted to do during the 2000 national election. Either way, the Democrats will be the losers as they are seen as switching out a losing candidate with a healthier one- at best, a cheap attempt of maintaining the majority in the Senate.

Why all the fuss? For the answer, one has to look no further than today’s headlines. The Junta of Ten, the Senate Judiciary Committee- again Democrat controlled, whose strings are pulled by liberal special interest groups, will soon take a vote on yet another Bush nominee to the Federal Bench. This time it is Dennis Shedd from South Carolina. Liberal special interests know that they could never get their radical agenda past the American people so they must use a form of judicial tyranny to enact legislation through the hands of an unelected bench. Axing conservative judges is a great way to keep the status quo of liberal judges overriding the people’s will.

If the balance of power shifts to the Republicans in the upcoming mid-term elections, the Junta of Ten will lose their power to influence President Bush’s judicial legacy. The number one priority of the Democratic majority in the Senate is being able to obstruct conservative nominees to the Federal Bench, and Bob Torricelli stood in the way of this with his ethics woes steering a failing campaign.

Fallen Leaves: Barbra Streisand’s actions over the last few days have not cost the GOP a single vote. Her silly songs attempting to roast the Republican Party did little but make her and the Hollywood-laced crowd look silly for wishing for the scandal-ridden days of Bill Clinton to return. Perhaps she should start shouldering around with Bob “the Torch” Torricelli, as he mentioned his hero is Mr. Clinton in his tear ridden “I got the boot” speech on Sunday.

Ms. Streisand: You’ve come out for too many encores and we’re tired of seeing you…

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