An American nobody

Dear Mr. Sudakov, President Putin and the People of Russia,

My name is Bridgette.

I live in the United States of America.

I work a lot, raise my daughter on my own, smoke too much, talk too loud, wear my pajamas all day when I am home,  and love staying at nice hotels when I have some extra money.

I am a nobody. No one special and not very important to anyone but my dog most days.

I also a nobody who is not afraid to stand up when people like John McCain and Butch McKeon falsely claim to speak on my behalf so please allow me to speak for myself.

When we heard of President Obama's "red line", American's fought hard against our leaders in Washington, DC. According to our congressmen and women, their phone's were flooded with calls 10 to 1 against any action in Syria, with the exception of humanitarian aid. I believe the American voice has never been so strong and so loud so our politicians and President had no choice but to stand down.

President Putin, who is obviously very sharp, saw the strength and the rationale of our people in action and very respectfully addressed us personally via the NYT. Despite DC's phony posturing, we got it. We understand his comment on exceptionalism. It is good we all strive for exceptionalism, but it is never good to think ourselves exceptional.
For President Putin's respect and intelligence, I am grateful.

Our leaders, however, resorted to and responded with lies, insults, and childish name-calling. For this I am very sorry. Mr. McCain not only insulted the President of russia but the Russian people as well by thinking you are foolish enough to believe his tirade. Don't feel too bad or alone, we get a daily dose from him and DC everyday. If the stakes weren't so high we could all sit back, grab a beer and enjoy the show together but unfortunately he is name calling like a child during a very dangerous time for us all.

John McCain states that he is more pro-Russian than "the regime who misrules the Russian people today". He can say a lot of things of President putin, but your President's unyielding love for his Country is obvious to all.

Strike one Mr. McCain.

He then rambles on, "I believe you (The Russian People) should live according to the dictates of your conscience, not your government's". I suppose he forgot the overwhelming majority of calls to the House and Senate (99%  according to Congressmen themselves) on Syria were against any US action yet he still insists on war. Please repeat yourself Mr. McCain.

Possibly the best..."President Putin terrorizes and even assassinates those who oppose him". Edward Snowden Mr. McCain? You remember, The young man you want dead or in solitary for life for exposing your treasonous corruption?

Strike two and three Mr. McCain.

John McCain also refers to President Putin's time in the "evil" KGB. I wonder if he is aware of the USA's CIA, FBI, NSA and Military special operatives. Maybe he thinks the men he sent to Benghazi in September of 2012 were passing out lollipops to the Syrian rebels. Maybe that's why our leaders ordered our Military to stand down as they watched our men being slaughtered in real time....they wanted to send purple lollipops instead of the red one's to the 'rebels'. Sarcasm aside, The US has much blood on our hands.

Strike four.

I love my Country and it pains my heart to know how compelled I am to publicly call to light the lies of a fellow American, but my heart would be more broken if I did not. I can walk around or over a small mound of lies, but cannot see past the mountain of untruth's blocking my entrance to Washington, DC.

John McCain's words are so disrespectful and so full of arrogance on every level, I am ashamed to be grouped in his rant. I cannot apologize for another's actions as I cannot control anyone else, but I hope Russia understands that this American does not stand behind those in DC who falsely speak for me.

I try not speak for others but I did take a look at Senator McCain's facebook page today where He bragged about his op-ed in Pravda. he promptly got a good old American smack-down in just about every response left concerning his ridiculous rant.

Russia, you are a strong Country. Your President did well for you and is leading with dignity. I hope you have all the successes personally, and as a Sovereign Nation, that you absolutely deserve.

Thank you for your time,

An American nobody

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