How Easy to Blame Others ...

I adore the United States and Israel. I adore everything they do for the world. Coca-cola, chewing gum, rock, McDonald's, Nike and many other utilities that we could not survive without.

Principally completely what they provide to the Iraqis, Vietnamese, Afghans, Palestinians, Cubans, Lebanese, blacks, Indians, Mexicans, etc.. etc.. etc..

Always, before sleeping and to sleep better, I do hope that God is just and returns everything to them. Double. The respect they have for quality of life and death of millions and millions of human beings has no price, but to receive the same treatment double now would be reasonable. No?

Now, with the leak of over 90,000 documents and secret reports on the war in Afghanistan that were placed on the Internet site 'Wikileaks', one of the biggest leaks of military information, we will have a more realistic idea of the true face of this history, without any kind of censorship.

I ask sincerely that God does not exaggerate. Just be fair.

The New York Times came out with a set of documents that can put an end to the war in Afghanistan. A kind of Pentagon Papers of the new times.

The New York Times documents show the link between Pakistan's intelligence service - great friend of the U.S. - with the Taliban in Afghanistan - great enemy of the United States. The United States dumped a lot of money in Pakistan and Pakistan detonates the United States in Afghanistan.

Just as the Pentagon Papers helped to undermine the legitimacy of the Vietnam War, Wikileaks can demoralize the war in Afghanistan.

Wikileaks is a collaborative site, posted on the internet that receives and filters out confidential documents. It was there that the New York Times extracted the documents. A cooperative site! 

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