Two attacks on Russian nuclear facilities foiled

Lately the threat of terrorism has become one of the most discussed topics of the international politics. The media and politicians repeatedly discussed methods to combat terrorism. Nuclear terrorism was singled out as the most dangerous terrorist activity. However, there is not so much probability of perpetrators getting hold of nuclear weapons. Terrorists are more likely to infiltrate strategically important nuclear facilities in an attempt to blow them up. Anybody can imagine devastating consequences of such an attack. Still, we tend to believe that Russia's nuclear facilities are kept under close watch at all times.

However, the situation does not look very peaceful following today's statement of the Chief of 12th Main Directorate of the Russian Defense Ministry Igor Volonkin. Mr. Volynkin said that terrorists had recently made two attempts to infiltrate the Russian nuclear facilities. Fortunately, security forces thwarted both the attempts. Mr. Volynkin admitted that terrorism posed the main threat to the Russian nuclear facilities these days. He assured the journalists that security arrangements provided 100% protection of the facilities. According to Mr. Volynkin, the current level of security at the Russian nuclear facilities is on a par with that in the United States. Mr. Volynkin said that previous hands-on experience with nuclear weapons enabled Russian security forces to carry out extremely successful protection of the nuclear facilities. Mr. Volynkin's statement can be a comfort to the public though it would be wrong to assume that everything is under control. Mr. Volynkin admitted that nobody could guarantee nuclear facilities against a potential infiltration of terrorists. Besides, a group of immigrants was reported to have sneaked into one the closely watched nuclear installations in the US some time ago.

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