Basayev's bandits get about $10 million

Foreign extremist organizations, which are linked with Al-Qaeda, have set aside nearly $10 million for Shamil Basayev's gangs, reports the regional operational staff for controlling the counter terrorist operation in the North Caucasus.

Some rank-and-file bandits and leaders of illegal armed formations were detained or turned themselves in some time ago. Their subsequent interrogations revealed that such extremist organizations as Brother Moslems, Al-Haramein and the Center For Fighting Infidels, which have close ties with Al-Qaeda, had set aside nearly $10 million for Shamil Basayev's gangs and those of Abu Al-Walid, RIA Novosti learned from the staff's report April 8.

The aforesaid international extremist centers, which have their headquarters in some Arab countries, don't even bother to conceal their activities, the headquarters report reads in part. Extremists finance terrorist activities in Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan with the silent consent of such countries, the report goes on to say.

According to the regional headquarters, 90 percent of this $10-million sum total crossed no borders because these funds were invested by the leaders of illegal armed formations, who have been staying abroad for quite a while, as well as by Basayev and Al-Walid, into their own business operations through their foreign relatives and cronies.

Not more than $500,000 out of the $10-million sum were delivered to Chechnya; this amount apparently includes $400,000 in counterfeit bills, the report notes.

The most part of funds were appropriated by medium-level and top ring-leaders, whose gangs are still hiding in Chechnya's mountain areas.

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