Snow slows anti-terrorist operation in Dagestan

An operation to catch a terrorist group in the Tsuntinsky district region of Daghestan (republic in the North Caucasus) was hindered because of the strong snowfall.

Anzhela Martirosova, a Dagestan Interior Ministry representative, reported that "most likely, aircraft will not participate in the special operation to destroy the fighters today because of unfavorable weather conditions." Ms. Martisorova emphasized that OMON and special forces, like before, are focused on the Tsuntinskeye region.

On Thursday approximately 20 fighters were discovered in the Tsuntinsky district.

According to the data of Akhmetnabi Magdigadzhiyev, the secretary of the security council of the republic, the special forces have blocked the terrorists.

The head of administration of the Tsuntinsky district, Basyr Magomedov, told RIA Novosti that the information about other groups of fighters in the Tsuntinsky district was not confirmed. The total number people in the group that entered in the region on Monday, was approximately 40-60. Mr. Magomedov also said that the last time the group of fighters was spotted, they were seen in the forests and mountains near the Mekali settlement on the border of the Tsuntinsky and Tsumadinsky districts.

"The ring around the fighters is becoming tighter, they in effect are located in the zone which is visible to OMON and special forces," he added. Mr. Magomedov reported that the graves of six terrorists, who were killed in air strikes and mortar fire, were discovered on Thursday.

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