Explosion blasts in Kandaghar, Afghanistan second largest city.

The explosion occurred 1pm local time at one of the most peopled spots of Kandaghar. The bomb was packed in a frying pan and tied to a bike. Some other sources say the bomb exploded in a car.

Several nearby buildings are damaged. Five nearby shops report serious damage too.

Afghani officials blame “Taliban or al-Q’aeda”

Some people were injured, their number is not certain. Witnesses claim not more than 10 people were wounded.

“Bakhtar” information agency reports 13 people were injured, of them 3 children, one woman and six old people. Five of them received serious injuries and were sent to hospital.

It is the third act of terrorism in Kandaghar in the last few days. An explosion by the mosque occurred three days earlier, and two days before an Afghani teenager threw a hand grenade into American soldiers. Two of them were insured, an Afghani policeman was also wounded, reports “Bakhtar”

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