Military Prosecutor's Office checks causes of toxic substance leakage in Siberian town of Chulym

The cause of the leakage of the toxic substance of "melange" from a trunk car in the small town of Chulym in the Novosibirsk Region could be the wear of the metal in the bottom of the trunk car itself or the defect, which it received during the transportation. RIA Novosti was told about it in the Prosecutor's Office of the Strategic Rocket Forces, which has started checking the circumstances of the incidence.

The trunk car, from which the toxic substance had leaked, belongs, according to the specified data, to the Strategic Rocket Forces.

The leakage was discovered on Sunday evening at the railway station in the town of Chulym. The dark red substance was leaking from the bottom of the trunk car.

One of the components of the "melange," which is used as an liquid oxidiser of the rocket fuel, is nitric acid. In connection with the threat of poisoning, the inhabitants in the north-western part of the town are being evacuated.

"There are no victims among the population. There is no panic and people understand the necessity of being evacuated," the town administration disclosed to a RIA Novosti correspondent.

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