Ukrainian plane accident in Congo has not resulted in victims

Cargo bay decompression at the Il-76 plane of the Ukrainian Aviation and Transport Company state enterprise belonging to the Ukrainian Defence Ministry en route to the Democratic Republic of Congo did not result in victims. Acting Commander of the Congolese Air Forces Colonel Numba Ngua Enok made this statement in response to Ukraine's inquiry, the Ukrainian Defence Ministry's press service informed RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

Accordingly, the representative of the Congolese armed forces denied statements made by some mass media that the accident had killed over 120 people.

The head of the Il-76 crew, on his part, informed the company's leadership that on May 8th at the 40th minute of the flight, at the height of 7 kilometres, the cabin of the plane carrying Congolese military men from Kinshasa to Lumubashi got decompressed. The crew made an emergency descending and turned back to the aerodrome in Kinshasa to prevent a crash. The head of the crew pointed out that the passengers had been neither killed nor wounded and the cargo was also safe.

The other day a group of experts from the Ukrainian Aviation and Transport Company left for Congo in order to study the circumstances and aftermath of the accident.

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