Russian Supreme Court to Outlaw Kuwaiti Organization's Moscow Subsidiary

The Russian Supreme Court will study the issue of liquidating a Kuwaiti terrorist organization's Moscow subsidiary. A request on abolishing the Moscow subsidiary of the so-called Social Reform Society organization was submitted by the Russian Prosecutor-General's Office. In its opinion, numerous violations of the federal law "On Public Organizations" serve as legal grounds for shutting down this organization's Moscow subsidiary.

Acting on a lawsuit by the national Prosecutor-General's Office, the Russian Supreme Court ruled February 14 that fifteen organizations, including the Kuwaiti Social Reform Society, were terrorist cells.

Specific organizations headed by Chechen separatists Shamil Basayev and Movladi Udugov, i.e. the Supreme Military Majlisul -- Shura of the United Forces of Caucasian Mujahedin and the Congress of Peoples of Ichkeria and Dagestan, as well as Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaida and some other international organizations, were also listed among terrorist cells.

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