Kazan school shooting: New details unveiled

New details of Kazan school shooting emerge

Ilnaz Galyaviev, who attacked High School No. 175 in Kazan, could have been planning his crime since April, it was not a spontaneous decision.

Having received permission to acquire weapons on April 12, Galyaviev bought a Hatsan Escort semi-automatic rifle and cartridges for it for about 30,000 rubles ($400), the Kommersant reports with reference to sources close to investigation.

Afterwards, the young man found instructions on the Internet for making explosive devices based on saltpeter, which he had ordered from an online store. He thus made at least two bombs with destructive agents in them. He left one in the apartment, and took the other one along to school. 

According to the Kommersant, no one noticed that the young man was preparing for the crime. Galyaviev dropped out of college and was living alone. Presumably, his parents moved to the countryside because of his inappropriate behavior, which could have been triggered by a serious illness.

Judging by CCTV footage, on May 11, Galyaviev came to the educational institution twice. During the first visit, when the man was unarmed, the watchman did not let him inside. At 9:30 am, he returned to school with a gun loaded with five rounds - he kept the rest in his chest rig and in the backpack.

Having entered the school building, he shot a teacher and exploded the bomb that he had planted  near the English classroom. The power of the explosive device was tentatively estimated at 900 grams of TNT. 

Galyaviev then walked along the corridors, opening the doors of the classrooms and shooting at students and teachers sporadically. In one case, the students were lucky as the gun misfired.

He then went upstairs to the third floor, to 8A classroom, where he opened fire at the teacher and students. The attacker also shot his gun at those who were running away to safety. 

When the siren went off at the school, the killer took off the chest rig, put the rifle down, raised his hands and went out to surrender to security forces.

The shooting at Kazan High School No. 175 took place on the morning of 11 May. Nine people were killed, more than 20 were injured. Galyaviev was arrested. 

On May 12, it became known that doctors found a benign tumor in Galyaviev's head. The tumor, they said, puts presses on the brain and disrupts blood circulation. This may cause aggression and headaches. Doctors also assumed that Galyaviev could have a disease called encephalopathy.

Psychiatrist Igor Lazarev, based on Galyaviev's interrogation, said that his condition was similar to schizophrenia. The fact that the man had broken speech and shouted unconnected phrases indicated that the man was in an acute psychotic condition. In addition, Galyaviev said that he saw himself as god, which suggested that his delirium acquired a certain system and structure.

Galyaviev's former teacher said that during his school years, the young man was calm. She noted that during his studies Galyaviev was a quiet good-natured "B" student, who did not communicate with noisy and "cool" companies.

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