Explosion in Moscow: terrorists or criminals?

Latest information: the explosion blast killed 6 and injured 7 people. Investigation possesses a videorecording that should help to answer whether the tragedy was an act of terrorism or a criminal groups action.

Six people were killed and 7 are hospitalized in explosion in the heart of Moscow. A bomb blasted by “National” hotel on Tverskaya st. The power of explosion equals to 500 grams TNT, however by luck only this small portion of a 5 kilo TNT bomb blasted.

There was suspicion of another explosion possible. A special robot was used to blow a black leather bag where a second bomb could be placed, however it appeared to be empty. Officials comment that a part of the original bomb fell on the bag, and that made police dog smell explosives in it.

The official version of the tragedy is still not voiced. Various comments have been appearing during the day. So far investigators spoke of either terrorist actions or criminal “paybacks”.

Chechen suicide bombers became the first suspects. Some sources said one of the killed women is related to the crime, has been in federal wanted list from July and has trained in special camp. There was information on other persons possibly in charge of the tragedy: one of the injured was said to be related, yet another woman was announced in search (she was even said to still have explosives on her). Finally, a “shakhid belt” was reported to be found at the spot.

However, other sources reported the dead suspect was most probably a passerby. Also, in the latest list of injured the other “possibly related” persons is missing. A car, “Mercedes E-240” belonging to the hotel’s administration was seriously damaged, and there is a possibility that the tragedy was an accident of criminal nature.

The blast was accidentally recorded by one of the hotel’s observing cameras. The investigators study the tape, hoping it would clarify the situation.

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