Another Mass Murder Of Russian-speaking Grozny Residents

Law enforcers have disclosed yet another mass murder of Russian-speaking Grozny inhabitants. Three corpses with apparent signs of violent death -- those of Nina Soboleva, 75, Tatiana Kolesova, 49, and Kolesova's brother-in-law Nikolai Kolesov, born in 1947 -- were found in their house in Grozny's Staropromyslovsky district. Two more corpses, identified as Sergei Amelkin, 42, and Klara Pushko, 77, were found in the Leninsky district of the Chechen capital. The man was shot through the head; the old woman was stabbed. Murder of Russian-speaking residents has lately become a frequent occurrence in Grozny. Authorities blame these crimes on Chechen terrorists, who apparently resort to murder amidst civilians to make up for their inability to resist federal forces. What with banditism and genocide rampant in the Chechen capital, the decision to "mop up" the local open-air market, regarded as Grozny's hotbed of separatism and banditism, was timely and fully justified.

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