In Last 24 Hours 4 Hideouts With Weapons Discovered, 3 Land Mines Destroyed In Chechnya

In the last 24 hours four hideouts have been discovered and destroyed in Chechnya. The ad-hoc press center of the federal Interior Ministry for the North Caucasus reported that in one of them, found in the territory of a cement plant near the village of Chiri Yurt, two hand grenade-throwers and a mine have been found. Two hideouts, located near Urus-Martan, were found having three grenade-throwers, a 122-millimetre artillery piece, four mines and a grenade. In the fourth hiding place, located on the outskirts of the Alkhan-Kala village, militants kept an explosion-ready land mine, made of a 1562-millimetre artillery shell and a Kenwood radio station, as well as Kalashnikov automatic rifle with ammunition. In the last 24 hours, sappers of the interior troops of the federal Interior Ministry have discovered and destroyed 3 militant-activated land mines. One of them was found in the Chechen capital, Grozny, in a heap of litter 100 meters away from a road. Another deadly "surprise" was found 3 kilometres away from Alkhan-Yurt. Two meters off a road south of Urus-Martan, sappers destroyed a remote-controlled land mine. Militants made it of two 155-millimetre shells, dug into the earth 50 meters from each other. Between them lay a mine with an additional 600 grammes of plastique. In a tree hollow in Grozny, sappers have discovered a hand-made bomb of 400 grammes of trotyl and a packet will metal fragments, which intensify the bomb's hitting effect.

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