On Friday Vladimir Gusinsky Must Come To Prosecutor-general's Office Of Russia For Examination

Russian media magnate Vladimir Gusinsky has been summoned to the Prosecutor-General's Office of the Russian Federation for interrogation on Friday. Chief of the Information and Public Relations Administration of the Prosecutor-General's Office Leonid Troshin told RIA Novosti that the investigation is planning to familiarise Gusinsky with the resolution on filing charges with money "laundering", Troshin said. "Investigating officer Salavat Karimov, fulfilling his procedural duties, handed Gusinsky's lawyers a notice on summoning him for an interrogation with a view to familiarising him with the resolution on the filing of new charges", he noted. Media magnate's lawyer Yuri Bagrayev told RIA Novosti that the lawyers of Gusinsky had been informed of his summons to the court. According to him, the Prosecutor-General's Office sent a corresponding subpoena also to the Media-Most holding. Bagrayev said that so far the lawyers had not seen any documents relating to the new charges against Gusinsky. The resolution on opening a case against Gusinsky as an indictee under Article 174 part 3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("laundering" of illegally obtained financial resources on a large scale) was issued by the Prosecutor-General's Office on Sunday. An international warrant for search of Gusinsky and his arrest was issued. The earlier filed charge with criminal fraud on a large scale remains in force. According to the available information, Vladimir Gusinsky is now staying in Israel.

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