Russia Considers Un Resolution On Chechnya 'Non-Objective And Unbalanced'

Russia does not deem itself to be bound by the provisions of the non-objective and unbalanced "Situation in the Republic of Chechnya of the Russian Federation" resolution adopted yesterday by the UN Commission on Human Rights, says the statement the Russian Foreign Ministry released Saturday to RIA Novosti. "We will build our further relations with the international community with respect to the Republic of Chechnya proceeding from our national interests and taking into account the real contribution such contacts can effect to the stabilization process in the republic," the statement points out. Given the sentiment among the great majority of nations, Russia at the start of the Commission's proceedings expressed willingness to work on the accepted wording of the statement of the session's chair on the situation in the Chechen Republic. In a series of exhaustive negotiations with EU representatives, Russian diplomats were able to hammer out a draft wording of the chair's statement that nearly all of the UNCHR members approved. However, the wording that worked for everyone was at the eleventh hour killed by a single delegation - that of the US - with virtually no reasons given. "In so doing," the Russian Foreign Ministry's statement says. "US representatives once again defied the entire international community." Moscow believes "the position of the USA demonstrated that in human rights-related issues, its overwhelming concern was not the human being and its rights, but Washington's political interest. [Thus] double standards are clearly the case, [as well as] attempts to establish a monopoly on truth and impose one's world view on other nations." "The Russian Federation holds the USA fully responsible for the failure to adopt the consensus statement, an action that destroyed the spirit of cooperation and dialogue that had been forming in the Commission on Human Rights," the Foreign Ministry document states.

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