Professor Holds Survival Experiments In Extreme Conditions In Taiga

Professor Valery Zavgorudko, head of the medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy chair of the Far Eastern Medical University has spent ten days in the taiga with one kilo of cereals and 500 grams of dried fruits as his only food stock. Thus has ended the third stage of a series of experiments staged by the professor on man's survival in extreme conditions. Valery Zavgorudko said that the aim of the experiments he is staging on himself is to define the human organism's reserves, work out practical advice for people who have lost their way in the taiga or find themselves face-to-face with stern nature alone for other reasons. It is the fourth year that the professor has been consistently carrying out survival experiments on man in extreme conditions in the taiga. The first two 50-day expeditions were held in below zero temperatures, when he had not taken any food along, and had no weapon and means of communication. Valery Zavgorudko is planning to hold the fourth experiment in autumn, when his only food will be what he finds in the taiga -- fowl, fish, berries and cedar nuts. The fearless professor's experiments have already attracted the interest of the Emergencies Ministry and some tourist firms.

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