Spokesman for the Northern Alliance refutes the reports about contradictions among its leadership

The ambassador of the government of the Northern Alliance to Iran, Hairhva, has refuted the reports about allegedly serious contradictions among the Alliance's leadership. The ambassador asserts that the Northern Alliance "is unanimous and much more organised than ever," reported the Radio of Tehran. "Any contradictions can be resolved by means of negotiations and consensus. Therefore, this question does not worry us at all," said Hairhva. Rumours are being spread that the coming over to the side of Ahmad Shah Masood by some "communist" generals of the Najibulla government - Nabi Azami, Asif Dilavar, Babajan and others - has allegedly caused dissatisfaction on the part of some field commanders. According to the ambassador, "any Afghan has the right to take part in the struggle for the future of his country in order to lead Afghanistan out of today's crisis." Hairhva said that even earlier, field commanders Halili and Haji Abdul Kadyr had come over to the side of the Alliance. At the present time they stand at the head of the resistance in the central and eastern provinces of Afghanistan. The ambassador also pointed out that the Northern Alliance was ready to start negotiations with the leadership of the Kabul regime if it took a decision to stop military actions and if their foreign patrons and allies, the Pakistanis, left the country. The ambassador stated with regret, however, that the Talibs had not given up the idea of resolving the inter-Afghan conflict by a military way and had conducted preparations for starting a new offensive on the Alliance's positions north of Kabul and in the north-east of the country. In such conditions, pointed out Hairhva, "we can do nothing but defend ourselves against their attacks."

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