New terrorist acts in Middle East

Today, 3 people were killed and over 30 wounded in a Tel Aviv restaurant when a terrorist opened desultory fire at diners.

A seafood restaurant in downtown Tel Aviv was full of people when opened fire, killing a security guard and two visitors. He also threw a hand grenade into the restaurant, but fortunately it did not explode. The terrorist was then fatally shot by police troops that secured the area within minutes to let ambulance crews attend to the victims and take them to Tel Aviv hospitals.

Security officers are searching for an explosives-stuffed car that reportedly might be parked somewhere in the area. A local office of Reuters news agency has received a telephone call from a man who called himself a member of al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and said the shooting in Tel Aviv had been a revenge for all Palestinians killed by Israeli bombings. Several hours before the terrorist act, Israeli F-16 fighters had struck a building belonging to Arafat's administration. Another headquarters of the Palestinian leader was attacked from the sea by an Israeli rocket boat.

This night in Hebron, a fire exchange broke out between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers. A 15-year-old girl was taken to hospital with three bullet wounds. Palestinian authorities have given no exact casualty figures for this night's attacks. Nothing is known about victims of an air raid upon Ramallah, where Israeli attack helicopters had pounded for one hour the headquarters of Palestinian military intelligence, located just meters away from Arafat's residence. Arafat himself was not injured, although he refused to leave his residence and kept working in his rooms during the entire raid.

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