According To General Gromov Land Operation In Afghanistan May Cause Protracted War

The special operation with air force employment in Afghanistan carried out by the United States and United Kingdom may bring certain positive results. However, a strategic land operation in this country may be followed by a protracted war, according to Colonel General Boris Gromov, Hero of the Soviet Union and Governor of the Moscow Region. Combat general Gromov is a military expert on Afghanistan and is well known for withdrawing the 40th army from this country while ending the war. Gromov noted that one might predict large casualties from both sides, if a full-scale land operation were to be conducted in Afghanistan. This is first of all stipulated by centuries-old tradition of the peoples living in Afghanistan as well as by geographic, climatic, and religious reasons. "Now we see that Afghanistan has been torn by a years-long civil war." "A whole generation that does not know what is life in peace has been raised." "The nation may unite in the face of a common enemy", Gromov emphasized. Besides, the governor thinks that the American troops are facing problems of combat support for their servicemen. Remote location of the military bases, lack of various communications will force them to employ huge human and material resources. "Those who perpetrated the terrorist acts in Washington and New York must be found and punished with all rigours." "There is no place for them wherever on our planet". "A retaliation action is necessary, but all measures must be undertaken to avoid casualties among civilians", said Gromov.

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