Moscow Believes That The Formation Of The Government In Afghanistan Should Be Proceeded In Two Stages

Moscow believes that the formation of the government in Afghanistan should proceed in two stages. This has become known from diplomatic sources in Moscow. At the first stage a provisional transitional government should be formed, and then a permanent one on the basis of the ethnic balance, said one of the sources. Speaking about the ethnic composition of such a government, he reminded the correspondent that in accordance with the latest census of the population which was carried out under the aegis of the United Nations, from thirty to forty percent of the population in Afghanistan are Pashtoons, from ten to fifteen - Uzbeks, and from five to ten are Khasis. This is the scheme which must be followed in forming the government of the country. The majority of representatives of the international community agree with this. Touching upon the practicable steps in this direction the source pointed out that much depends on the international community. It is important that there is an accord on major points, he said and added: there was one disputable question about the possibility of including so-called "moderate Talibs" into the future government. Russia came out against this formula. And not long ago the United States also said that this was not at all a correct interpretation. The source said that the joint statement of the presidents of the two countries underscores that Talibs cannot be a political force at the negotiations concerning the formation of the future government of Afghanistan. At the same time, said the source, the international community "does not intend to conduct ethnic cleansings." A considerable part of the Pashtoon society, at one or another level, took part in the Taliban movement. However, if there are Pashtoons who enjoy great authority in their localities and who have not stained themselves with crimes, it is not excluded that the international community will consider it possible that they should remain on their posts, said the source.

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