Taliban Discuss Capitulation Terms For Its Group In Northeast Of Afghanistan

The Qatar TV-station al-Jazeera has quoted General Abdurrashid Dustum as saying on Tuesday that the two leaders of the Taliban have left for Mazar-e-Sharif to negotiate the conditions for the Kunduz group to surrender. The General confirmed that the Northern Alliance forces would guarantee safe evacuation of Afghan people and an amnesty in exchange of laying down arms. However, this does not concern foreign mercenaries fighting with the Taliban. At the same time, Dustum said captured foreigners would be treated in line with international law, in particular, the Geneva convention. The Taliban have elaborated a 5-point plan stipulating the surrender of all militants to the UNO and the Red Cross and Crescent international society, but this plan was rejected by the Alliance which insists that the surrounded group unconditionally capitulate. The group consists of approximately 30,000 people, including some 10,000 foreigners.

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