Taliban Ready To Capitulate And Surrender Kunduz

The Northern Alliance has confirmed that the Taliban are ready to lay down arms and surrender the town of Kunduz without fighting. Apparently, Taliban leaders have realized the hopelessness of the situation and decided to capitulate, said Shamsulhaq Orienfahr, the 2nd secretary to the Afghan ambassador to Dushanbe, on Thursday. On Monday, the United Front leadership suggested that the Taliban and Afghanis siding with them lay down arms and surrender. An agreement to surrender Kunduz was reached on Wednesday between General Daoudkhan of the Northern Alliance's United Front and Mullah Dodullah, an authoritative commander of the Taliban movement. According to the Afghan diplomat, the fate of foreign mercenaries, many of whom are Arabs, Pakistanis, Chechens and Uzbeks, will be decided by the legal government of the Islamic state of Afghanistan and countries of the international anti-terrorist coalition.

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