Tanks of Liquid Gas Exploded in the Perm Region

A train carrying 33 tanks of the propane-butane mixture had arrived at the platform to dump the blend. A pipe of one of the tanks fell off, which caused a fire. The tank blew up, and three other blasts followed five minutes later. Eight other tanks also caught fire.

Fifty fire engines came to the site of the accident, as well as two firefighting trains, and emergency services such as rescue squads, ambulance teams and so on.

Firefighters characterized the accident as extremely complicated. They filled the area with foam and moved the train three others from the area. A total of 150 tanks of propane-butane blend were removed.

The burned corpse of 30-year-old warehouse operator Alexander Kolobov was found in a ditch of water at 10 o'clock in the morning. The possibility that the fire occurred because of him has not been excluded. Kolobov was the only person to have died as a result of the fire, and no one else was injured. EMERCOM states that the accident did not pose any threat to Perm residents, as it took place about 12 kilometers from the nearest inhabited area.


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