Chechen representative to Federation Council believes Maskhadov's involvement in Grozny terrorist attack is obvious

Representative of the Chechen administration to the Federation Council Akhmar Zavgayev believes that involvement of Aslan Maskhadov, the leader of Chechen separatists, in the Grozny terrorist attack on December 27th is obvious.

The terrorist attack proved once again that everything that had happened in the republic over the past ten years was conducted by an international terrorist organization, the senator told RIA Novosti. "Accomplices of international terrorism in Chechnya are trying hard to wreck the peace settlement in the republic and to hamper the restoration of peaceful life," Zavgayev emphasized. "And Maskhadov's part in it is evident: he has repeatedly stated that he commands all mojaheddins in the republic and, thus, bears full responsibility not only for this explosion, but also for every death in every family".

"The blowing up of the house of the Chechen government that killed innocent people proves once again that Maskhadov and his followers have neither nationality, nor religion, nor anything human," the senator believes.

By their action the militants "finally took off their mask and showed their real goals, the goals of their spiritual and financial patrons from international terrorist organizations," Zavgayev said.

The senator expressed his condolences to the families of those killed in the terrorist attack.

Yet such terrorist actions cannot prevent the constitutional process in the republic, he stressed. "I am sure that our multinational people together with the republic's leaders will make their best not to allow wrecking the referendum and help restore peaceful life," Zavgayev pointed out.

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