Ukrainian intelligence blows up railway bridge in Samara region of Russia

Ukrainian saboteurs explode railway bridge in Russia

An explosion occurred on a railway bridge in the Samara region of Russia on March 4. Metal structures, fencing and concrete support were damaged, the tracks were not affected.

Ukrainian military intelligence took responsibility for the act of sabotage. The aftermath fo the explosion could have been much larger as three bombs did not blow up.

The explosion occurred on the railway bridge near the town of Chapaevsk in the Samara region. The train traffic on the bridge was suspended, TASS said.

112 Telegram channel said that the explosion damaged metal structures and fencing of the bridge, but the tracks survived. The concrete support was not damaged, Baza said.

Russian Railways, the FSB and Samara region Governor Dmitry Azarov said that no was hurt.

Ukraine claims responsibility for railway bridge explosion

The press service of the Kuibyshev Railway reported that the disruption in train traffic occurred due to "illegal interference by unauthorised individuals.” Five trains were delayed because of the blast.

The Ukrainian military intelligence claimed responsibility for the explosion. According to the department, Russia used the bridge to transport military cargo produced at the Polymer plant in Chapaevsk.

"Given the nature of the damage to the railway bridge, it will be impossible to use it for a long time," representatives for the Ukrainian military intelligence said.

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Russian railway bridge explosion
Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
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